The locals of Kilcoole, together with Lord Edward’s Own re-enactment group from Kildare and Square One Theatre Group present a series of re-enactments over the weekend.Formed just over 10 years ago, Lord Edward’s Own is a living history and re-enactment group.  Based in Monasterevin in county Kildare our members are from all across the country.
Covering the periods from 1798 up until the civil war in Ireland, they try and represent both side in the struggle for independence. They have also  traveled abroad to take part in large events to remember the Irish men and women who fought on foreign soil. 2015  saw the 200 year anniversary of the battle of Waterloo and Lord Edward’s Own was in the thick of it, with over 6000 re-enactors taking part in the week-long event. They are looking forward to been part of Kilcoole remember 1916 as they enjoyed it so much in 2014.

Both shows will include Narration, Music, Theatre and Song

TCapture 9he 1914 gunrunning re-enactment – Saturday 4th June, 2016

Since the formation of the Irish Volunteers in 1913 there had been a shortage of weapons. In the summer of 1914, the Irish Republican Brotherhood chose Kilcoole as one of the places to land there cargo of arms. Unlike the second location, Howth, the mission in Kilcoole was to be kept secret. We will re-enact part of this on the Saturday afternoon at the seafront where we will have a set of the old stationhouse. This was taken over by the Volunteers that faithful day.

Our re-enactment will contain the comings and goings of the Volunteers, messengers of Na Fíanna Éireann, the captor of two police officers and the station house family who were caught in the middle. It will portray the excitement and anticipation of the men and women following the collection of arms and ammunition from the yacht using smaller boats, bringing them ashore then loading them on bicycles and on to vehicles that took them away to safety.

Kilcoole Remembers the 1916 Rising. – Sunday 5th June, 2016Capture A

The story of the rising in Dublin will be played out in two parts on Sunday in the grounds of the Luisne Centre. With a set built of buildings that the rebels took control of, including the General post office, and with the backdrop of the convent, the scene will be set for one of the most important chapters in the story of Ireland’s fight for independents.

To accompany the re-enactment, a script has been written by local scriptwriter Jennifer O’Hara depicting some of the stories of the people living amongst the Rising.  Square One Theatre in Bray will perform alongside the re-enactors.  There will be up to 70 re-enactors taking part on both sides of the conflict, with rifle fire and special effect to bring to life the heavy fighting that took place on the streets. We have actors telling the story through the eyes of everyday people who lived in Dublin at the time and will show their feelings as the city they live in is destroyed and how there Secom stances will change utterly.
The first part will include the rebels marching to the GPO and taking over buildings around the city, the setting up of barricades and the British troops arriving to try and stem the rising.  The second part will tell of how the rebel positions were shelled and attached. We will show the retreat of the GPO garrison to Moore Street, Ending with the surrender to the British.

Note: Lord Edward’s Own primarily portray the 1798 and 1803 Irish Rebellions but since doing their first show in Charles Fort, Kinsale Co. Cork in 2003 members have expanded their skills to multiple periods of history. Lord Edward’s Own also portray all sides in the fight for Irish Freedom (1916-1920).   Since 2006 Lord Edward’s own has been a member of the Kaki & Green, an umbrella group that brings together the leading 1916-1920 re-enactment groups from the island of Ireland

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